About us


Our mission is to transform communities and protect the environment for future generations through clean energy solutions.


  • Reduce energy poverty for better welfare & enhance energy efficiency for lower cost.
  • Enable religious leaders take on environmental stewardship for greater transition to clean energy and climate change mitigation.
  • Set up sustainable last mile distribution in partnership with faith-based organisations and the co-operative movement.
  • Contribute to Kenya and Uganda attain their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and environmental commitments.

Guiding principles

We believe in positive impact over simply profits
We believe in quality over selling quantity
We believe in being purpose driven to deliver long-term and sustainable performance
We believe in being honest and fair with customers and suppliers
We believe in choice for our customers over products from only one manufacturer
We believe in being a good corporate citizen
We believe in being a responsible and responsive employer

We are customer-centric and carry award-winning products that are high quality, certified by Lighting Global and/or European Standards or ISO certified. We work with reputable suppliers and provide high standard after-sales-service.

Our Story

Mwangaza Light Ltd was started in 2014 by two women with a passionate aversion to the fuel guzzeling, polluting and hazardous kerosene lamps and a commitment to use high quality solar solutions to improve family economy, education, health, and safety among urban and rural populations in East Africa.

Based on an appreciation of the role of faith-based institutions in the development of Africa, both historically and today, Mwangaza Light extended its focus to encourage institutions to shift from fuel use to clean energy. In 2016 Mwangaza Light entered collaboration with the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK), a renowned church alliance and development actor in Kenya, and design of the Green Churches initiative, which seeks to enable churches take leadership on the transition to clean energy and climate change mitigation. The Green Churches initiative is our flagship as it brings together clean energy, environment protection, and entrepreneurship.

In 2017 we took initiative to design a solar solution that could cater for the pertinent need in churches for energy during worship, and which led to development of a solar public address system that we have since introduced to the East African market.

Since mid 2018, Mwangaza Light has developed partnerships with NCCK member churches such as the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK), the African Brotherhood Church (ABC), the Pentecostal Fellowship of Africa (PEFA), and Friends Church in Kenya (FCK). We have also groomed partnership with a number of Evangelical churches and with Catholic and Muslim organisations. While collaboration with faith-based organisations is pivotal for Mwangaza Light, we are an independent social enterprise that has been started by or sponsored by any faith-based organisation.

During 2018 we expanded our management and sales team, took on energy efficient cookstoves, and grew partnership with SACCOs and other micro-finance institutions. By end of 2018, Mwangaza Light had gained presence in all corners of Kenya.

Our Team

Mwangaza Light has grown a strong sale team spread out across the country and we are continuously expanding both sales staff and head office administration. The management team consists of the below eight persons.

Catrine Shroff

MD/CEO and Co-founder

Catrine heads strategy and business development and relations with faith-based organisations and development-oriented partners. She works closely with partners on the ongoing design and implementation of the Green Churches initiative as well as with the team on translation between the private sector and the religious field.  

Trained as an anthropologist (PhD) with specialization within the religion-development nexus, and with 20 years work experience in international development aid, Catrine brings competence on gender, youth, human rights, and programme management.

Throughout her career, Catrine has integrated research, consultancy and activism to promote sustainable development in Africa.

Meenaz Kurji

Director & Co-Founder

Meenaz is overall in-charge of procurement and logistics – design of effective supply chains, risk assessment and mitigation strategies, and managing suppler relations. She brings 25 years of experience with business administration in Kenya and growing a start-up into a mature corporation across the East African region. She is particularly interested in the ways that clean energy technology can improve welfare at household and community level.

In addition to her role in Mwangaza Light, Meenaz is COO at Elite Digital Solutions (Apple Premium Reseller and HP Platinum Partners Graphic Arts) at the corporate office in Nairobi. She is a dedicated community worker and driven by strong values of gender equality and social justice.

Kassim Kasmani

Finance controller

Kassim is the overall in-charge for the financial administration – translation of tactical plans into financial plans; timely presentation of management accounts, cash flow analysis, and financial forecasts; meeting all statutory requirements, managing of creditors and debtors as well as external fund administration.

Kassim brings 25+ years of experience in accountancy and financial control in private companies in Kenya. In addition to his role in Mwangaza Light, Kassim takes on similar position in Elite Digital Solutions at the corporate office in Nairobi. He is member of worldwide body of accountants known as The Chartered Association of Certified Accountants.

Aiyaz Shroff

Head of Administration

Aiyaz is responsible for the administration unit - guiding operating methods, overseeing human resources processes, ensure effectiveness and accuracy in implementation, keeping stock levels in accordance to forecasts, and improving information systems.

Aiyaz brings 25+ years of experience in business administration and management in East Africa. He is motivated by commitment to excellence, team efforts, and individual’s initiative and uses a people-oriented leadership style that values building lasting relationships with employees and a conducive work environment.

Chris Nyakwana

Sales & Marketing Manager

Chris leads the sales and marketing team in Kenya with a sound people-oriented leadership style and an eye for emergent opportunities. He is responsible for development of sales strategies and plays a pivotal role in growing sales channels and partners. Chris is a natural networker forming relationships with partners and customers and experienced in managing key accounts.  

Chris is a dynamic team builder with great passion about the adoption of clean cookstoves and solar lighting for the benefits of household economy, women empowerment, and climate change mitigation. He has been part of growing the clean cooking sector in Kenya since its early days in 2013.

Caroline Makonnen

Training & Programme Manager

Carol is responsible for the ongoing training of the sales team – development of training material and delivery through digital, print, and face-to-face communication. She is a highly appreciated teacher, able to communicate complex messages in simple manner and with captivating passion. Carol leads implementation of the Clean Energy Agent programme to enhance Last Mile Distribution and other programmes related to R&D and carbon financing.

Carol brings high expertise in training and programme management within the clean energy sector, drawing on her previous employment with BURN (clean cooking) and Green Light Planet (solar solutions).

Zafir Kurji

Business Development Manager

Zafir leads the continuous process optimization for increased effectiveness and relevance, using a people-oriented leadership style focusing on what we can do better with what we have and who we are with. He is responsible for expanding the product portfolio to enable customers climb up the energy ladder. Drawing on a recent MBA from Spain, Zafir contributes strategic input to business plan development and implementation.

Driven by a social innovation spirit, Zafir enjoys designing and operating in the cross-field of clean energy technology, economic empowerment, and climate change mitigation. He uses a similar position within Elite Digital Solutions to enhance digitalization in Mwangaza Light.

Faruk Karim


Faruk provides advice to various parts of the company’s operation - strategy development and implementation, procurement, sales, after sales service, partnership relations, recruitment, etc. He has ability to identify and source appropriate technologies to serve the energy needs for BoP, and works effectively with diverse groups within and outside the organisation to achieve common objectives.

Before coming to Mwangaza, Faruk previously started and successfully sold clean energy company that had SACCOs as a major sales channel; he has the ability to open up new marketing channels and drive product distribution of efficient cookstoves and solar lighting. Fauk is driven by strong commitment to International Development and Social Justice Issues.

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