Green Churches


Do you pollute when you praise?

We ask church leaders a simple question: Do you pollute when you praise? If the church uses fuel generators, kerosene lamps, and/or conventional cookstoves then the answer is ‘yes’. Most church leaders can easily grasp the problem that church operation pollutes the environment and thereby does harm to the Creation itself.

Green Churches

The Green Churches initiative seeks to enable churches take environmental stewardship on the turn to clean energy and climate change mitigation. We work with churches in a holistic manner in order to make clean energy and climate change mitigation integral part of church operation and the lives of church workers and Christians. Our partnership includes:

  • Providing financing for product acquisition for clergy and other employees of
    churches and church-based institutions
  • Introducing organizational change for churches to integrate clean energy and
    environment work into the organizational structures in order to enhance long-term
    impact on church operation.
  • Developing "green economy" within a church through last mile distribution
    that is linked to church-based financing for end-users to acquire clean
    energy solutions.
  • Developing new approaches to faith, investment, clean energy, and climate-
    change mitigation at the wider institutional level.

The initiative was developed by Mwangaza Light in collaboration with the National Council of Churches of Kenya (NCCK) during 2016-2018 and introduced to the NCCK member churches in August 2018. After one year of continuous success in growing partnership with NCCK member churches, other churches and a few Muslim organizations, Mwangaza is getting ready to scale up its outreach and impact.