Help Them Rebuild

Give flood survivors in Kenya access to energy for cooking, lighting & safety


Any amount can make a difference to help provide food supplies, clothing and toiletry.

Despair, devastation, desperation: These emotions weigh heavy after heavy floods hit Kenya early May. 229 people lost their lives and over 50,000 families lost their homes and livelihoods, leaving mass displacement of families without shelter, food, and other basic necessities.


“The floods swept away all we had including my chicken. That was my daily bread and now I am left with nothing to provide for my mom and I”
-Clement Wambugu, Mai Mahiu survivor


“The floods took everything, even my precious child. The clothes I have on right now are from well wishers“
-David Karanja Kinyanjui, Mai Mahiu survivor

In Mai Mahiu, disaster struck in the middle of the night when an old water tunnel collapsed under the weight of heavy rains, catching the community off guard. Tragically, 78 lives were lost, 51 people are still missing, and numerous families had their homes and livelihoods swept away. Among the devastating toll, most of lives lost were children, who were unable to withstand the force of the surging waters. The survivors moved into nearby churches and schools where well-wishers from churches and Kenya Red Cross support them as well as they can.

Donation exercise by Mwangaza Light in Mai Mahiu

In Mathare, one of the major slums in the capital city, Nairobi River burst its banks in the middle of the night and washed away the houses and household property for hundreds of families. Tragically, more than 50 people died. The families now find shelter in schools and churches where well-wishers from churches and local Rotary clubs support with food, shelter, and psychological support.

Flooded Neighbourhood Mathar

Flooded neighbourhood in Mathare, Nairobi

Survivors asleep on school desks

Survivors asleep on top of school desks

Uncertainty looms over what happens next. Schools have opened for learning, so the displaced families have to start rebuilding their homes or move to tented camps. How can families that survive on barely three dollars a day rebuild their homes? Energy is a basic necessity for a family to cook, have light, charge phones, and be safe during the night - Help Them Rebuild is a campaign run by Mwangaza Light, Green Churches, Anglican Development Services Kenya and Solstar to provide one energy-efficient cookstove and one solar home system to each of the affected families.

The solar home system consists of two tube lights and phone charging, ensuring safety and connectivity. Thanks to Solstar's generosity, for every 5 donations, Solstar will provide one extra unit.

The energy-efficient cookstove will save the family $0.5 per day in cooking fuel and 50% less smoke emission as compared to the common cookstoves used by poor households in Kenya.

We appeal for support to 400 families in Mathare and Mai Mahui. Please give what you can to bring light and warmth to their darkest days.

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Jiko Safi clean cookstove that cooks for a family of 8


Solar Home System with a panel, two tube lights and a USB charging cable

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Mwangaza Light is a faith-based social enterprise partnering with churches to enhance energy access, women empowerment, and climate action in Kenya. We are a women-founded and women-led enterprise with a mission ‘to transform communities and protect the environment for future generations.’

We designed Green Churches as a framework for churches to grow environmental stewardship and lead a change to clean energy adoption and climate action. It builds last mile distribution of clean energy solutions into church infrastructure with leaders raising awareness ‘from the pulpit’ and lay people providing access to information, products, and services to the congregants and broader community. It supports tree growing as a form of climate action that also contributes to food security, water security, and economic growth.

We work closely with Anglican Church of Kenya on growing Green Anglicans Movement across Kenya, and with the main churches in Elgeyo Marakwet County - Africa Inland Church, Reformed Church of East Africa, Catholic Church, Anglican Church, and Deliverance Church - on energy poverty and climate action.

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Employing young women professionals at management level.



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Training Environmental Champions with Green Anglicans Movement.



Building inter-church collaboration on tree growing in Elgeyo Marakwet County


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